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checking this masterpiece again and again 

I want to play it so badly, but- Maybe it's a liiitle abandonateddd...? (Idk how to spell-)

Andd... I don't want to happen again just like with the Number Game and well- But I want to play it, soo... 

I feel like I'm gonna regret it

got invested than i was got.NNOOOOOOO

Does anyone know if the author is still working on this project, or if it's a permanent hiatus? It looks fantastic, but I'm reluctant on really getting into it if I know it just "ends" on a cliffhanger. Either way, I hope the author is doing well in their life.


Got too invested like the other readers despite knowing its status ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿคก The same with the authorโ€™s other work, a real gem and a good read but well, abandoned for years now. Anyway, I do love the possible (?) eventual angst from the ROs, like Roan for example.


Nothing from them on their blog or here since October 2022.  I hope they are okay.


this game is more supportive then my parents wtf

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Back to check the post again like a clingy ex. I need Riven biblically!

Deleted 10 hours ago

hey no offense but this is a really awful thing to say to an author???? presuming you hope that they read this?


Hey buddy don't fucking do that?? that's literally disrespectful to the author 


I haven't even played it yet, but just from the description I know it's going to be amazing and then I'll be crying on the floor because there's no more.


i should've listened to the comments i'm rolling around and wailing because i got invested


So real


i should've listened to the comments


Why are so many good ones dropped and so many bad ones completed?! :'(


Iโ€™ve been coming back to this WIP just about every six months, only to be met with disappointment and sadness, leaving me feeling like this 


I got invested and now I hur


I'm fine...I just need to cry for a while for this work   ; - ;


Please come back...


come back i beg you 

i fell in love only to be abandoned T^T


      i look back at this wip with a sense of disappointment and... hope. hope for better days. hope for better novels so i can stop being so invested in this one. for now, f's in the chat. RIP Sinners and Saints.


All the best Itch stories get abandoned while I'm stuck with mediocre COG stories I never asked for, why....


Any recommendations


The Passenger, Wayhaven, Fallen Hero, Blood Moon. Now, I may be evil for recommending you this if you really are a newbie but... Samurai of Hyuga


Why did I get invested


Quinn is literally just me.


I want to play this so badly but i don't want to get too into it only for the author to never make an update TvT


RIP Author, hope you come back


Really hope author's okay <3

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Ah damn. I have fell into the trap of unfinished wip yet once again ๐Ÿ˜ญ


Press f to pay respect.


Still no update? sad

Yeah I don't think there gonna finish it



Thanks for correcting my grammar



Alright, here I come with the cold water.

This is dead, the author has not made any comment here, on Discord, or Tumblr for more than a year, the author was supposed to come back in january 2023, they didnt.

If you believe yourself naive enough to believe the author will return one day, have fun being disapointed.


i hope theyre okay :((((( idk whats going on in their life but if they were taking a break and supposed to be back by jan 2023 and still didnt, i just hope things arent too bad and they get better for them 

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Hey, I'm unsure if this game is I dunno, Closed??? But I dont see any button to play, I've clicked on literally everything. Is it not available for mobile?

Anyway besides that, RIVENNNN <333 name is too close to raven and I love ravens so riven will be my favorite prob

Update pleaseeee


Ive been coming back to this, every five months WAITING just HOPING a new update is out ๐Ÿง

I need my mans khari ๐Ÿ˜ญ


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one still obsessed with this WIP


Shame the Author is not active. Numbers and SaS are the best, Twine has better stories than COG imo


One of the best IF/WIPS I've ever seen, its definitely leagues apart all the other supernatural detective stories I've ever read. 7 Well written ROs, amazing dialogue, great characters, the MC does feel a bit weak and the mystery part should be better but every thing that happened was definitely exciting despite not being an action story. Never a boring moment in this story. If only Wayhaven could be this good lol


This one was one of my favorites, such an in-depth IF. I hope the author comes back to it someday, until then I'll keep an eye for updates, for sure.
I hope you're fine, author!


I assume that this is dead :sob:


Has this been abandoned?


โ€œJust looking at you makes me thirsty, Detective.โ€
How to Fill a Cup With Water : 4 Steps - Instructables

here you go


as soon as I saw the water-

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