You live in Deadwood, an old town forgotten by the world, as it is isolated by thick forests, a river and a mountain. It is one of those places that trap their residents, if you don’t get out as youth, you will likely never leave. It also has the reputation for attracting the weird and morally questionable. You had the misfortune of being born here, not only that — you work here as a detective. Granted, you only got the job a year ago or so, but you are the authority.

Now, many things start to happen all at once. Your best friend is acting more and more strange, an attractive and charming stranger moves into the town and starts to fund the mayor’s projects and takes an interest in your division. Your criminal informant is keeping secrets from you. You’re assigned a partner — one that would rather claw your eyes out than say ‘hi.’ A old friend from your past comes rocking your world in the most unpleasant way, and as strange murders start taking place — a vigilante comes to clean up the streets by any means necessary. The cherry on the top is when your captain orders you to take on a consultant on the case - the local psychic - whose first words to you make the whole world spin.

Work the case of strange murders, with the help of unlikely allies. Find the secrets of the newcomers and old friends from Deadwood and your own -- one you didn’t even know you had. Discover the second side to your home town, one that you never saw before. Choose what kind of detective will you be; one who bends the rules, or follows them. Romance any of the seven characters, or make them your friends, rivals or enemies. (You can select the gender of each Romantic Option, and there are 2 polyamorous options.)


  • Customizable Main Character (or MC); you can customize how they look, their pronouns, gender (including trans options), sexuality (including asexuality and being aromantic), ways to deal with stress (smoking, fidgeting) and whether MC is comfortable or uncomfortable in crowds--more customizations will follow in future updates!
  • Befriend, romance or make an enemy of any of the 7 characters from the 'main cast'; each romanceable character is gender selectable and there are two possible polyamorous options (for Khari & Morgan, and Sage & Ariel).
  • Decide whether your Detective will be the one to follow the rules or break them.
  • Learn the secrets of the town's locals, your old friends, and coworkers.
  • Build or break relationships with secondary characters.
  • Uncover the mystery surrounding the main character--even though you might not think there is one.

Note: Romance is completely optional in game and all romanceable characters can as well be the MC's enemies or friends, or stay neutral depending on choices in-game.


Just looking at you makes me thirsty, Detective.”

Sasha is your new Criminal Informant. You met them as they were working the street. When you were arresting them, they flirted with you the entire time, and they continued doing so during the booking process, as well as when they were finally in their cell. As they complained on being bored, they suggested working for you as a criminal informant. You agreed, and now they help you stop the crimes in Deadwood. As they work the street, they see a lot of what is going on and their knowledge comes at a price. For now, it’s always been reasonable, but you couldn’t help but wonder — how long before they become hungry for more?

You had my interest, love, but now you’ve got my attention.

Sage came to Deadwood from a big city, officially for a change of scenery, unofficially the whole town gossips about the real reason why someone so attractive, educated and rich would choose Deadwood of all places as their home. Sage has a close relationship with both the mayor and police captain, as they invest in many city and police projects. Extremely charming and seductive, Sage is one of the hottest topics in town — and fate would have it that they are looking forward to meeting the Deadwood’s youngest detective.

I can respect your fire, little feather, but mine will get you burned.”

Ariel is a vigilante, taking justice into their own hands. As judge, jury, and executioner they rip through the crime in Deadwood, using questionable methods to achieve their goals. Legally, you can not tie them to anything, and they know it. Whatever mission they have — they are willing to die and bleed for it, and do not care for any human aspect of life as they do it. They do seem to respect you to a certain level, or just ignore your existence, as long as you stay out of their way. But what if you don’t?

I work alone, kitten, I don’t make any exceptions, not even for you.

Khari is your most recent headache, as they are your new assigned partner, and new to Deadwood as a whole. You know nothing about them, and they don’t exactly make it an easy job to work with them, as they would rather fight you and everyone in their line of sight. They do not like you and make it very clear from the start that they do not care for a positive relation with you. They prefer to work alone, and tend to keep it that way. But, you wonder, if there’s a chance to change that?

It is good to have a little magic on your side, is it not?

Roan is local good-luck charm, and coincidentally your best friend and your first kiss. You attended high school together, and went to prom as a date, on which the kiss happened. Neither of you spoke about it, however, and continued to be just best friends. They are always there when you need them, always text back, pick up the call from you, and never turn down a hang out session. You’ve seen them date many people after high school, but no one ever stayed for long, as Roan would always say they are looking for ‘the one.’ You can’t help but wonder, how would things be if you became something more?

You make me want to go feral, and I just might let it happen.

Riven is your childhood best friend. They used to live in the house next to yours, and would always sneak into your garden to escape their home. You never found out what made them want to run away — they never told you, and you never saw their parents nor the inside of their house. As a child they were quiet, even submissive, always wanted to please you and be on your good side, loud noises and too-fast movement made them flinch. They were, however, restless and would not sit in one place at the time, always multitasking, fiddling with their fingers, taking things apart only to put them back together. They were fiercely loyal to you, as much so that they were suspended from school for beating up a person who bullied you. When you were both 14, they disappeared along with their parents. Did they move and never said goodbye? Did something more sinister happen?

The only happy ending we will get will be after our death, Detective.

Morgan is a consultant, and assists police on more ‘strange’ cases. Most people of Deadwood call them the ‘Psycho Kid’ and prefer to avoid all contact with them if it’s possible. You’ve heard stories about them, it’s impossible not to. That they died as a child and now have a permanent connection with the other side — so much so that their own mother abandoned them as soon as she could, too scared of her child to stay with them. That they live in a haunted house full of spirits, and talk to ghosts, even see them all around. You never witnessed them doing anything too suspicious, but then again, you never worked with them, yet.


Development log


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checking this masterpiece again and again 

I want to play it so badly, but- Maybe it's a liiitle abandonateddd...? (Idk how to spell-)

Andd... I don't want to happen again just like with the Number Game and well- But I want to play it, soo... 

I feel like I'm gonna regret it

got invested than i was got.NNOOOOOOO

Does anyone know if the author is still working on this project, or if it's a permanent hiatus? It looks fantastic, but I'm reluctant on really getting into it if I know it just "ends" on a cliffhanger. Either way, I hope the author is doing well in their life.


Got too invested like the other readers despite knowing its status 😔🤡 The same with the author’s other work, a real gem and a good read but well, abandoned for years now. Anyway, I do love the possible (?) eventual angst from the ROs, like Roan for example.


Nothing from them on their blog or here since October 2022.  I hope they are okay.


this game is more supportive then my parents wtf

(1 edit) (+1)



Back to check the post again like a clingy ex. I need Riven biblically!

Deleted 11 hours ago

hey no offense but this is a really awful thing to say to an author???? presuming you hope that they read this?


Hey buddy don't fucking do that?? that's literally disrespectful to the author 


I haven't even played it yet, but just from the description I know it's going to be amazing and then I'll be crying on the floor because there's no more.


i should've listened to the comments i'm rolling around and wailing because i got invested


So real


i should've listened to the comments


Why are so many good ones dropped and so many bad ones completed?! :'(


I’ve been coming back to this WIP just about every six months, only to be met with disappointment and sadness, leaving me feeling like this 


I got invested and now I hur


I'm fine...I just need to cry for a while for this work   ; - ;


Please come back...


come back i beg you 

i fell in love only to be abandoned T^T


      i look back at this wip with a sense of disappointment and... hope. hope for better days. hope for better novels so i can stop being so invested in this one. for now, f's in the chat. RIP Sinners and Saints.


All the best Itch stories get abandoned while I'm stuck with mediocre COG stories I never asked for, why....


Any recommendations


The Passenger, Wayhaven, Fallen Hero, Blood Moon. Now, I may be evil for recommending you this if you really are a newbie but... Samurai of Hyuga


Why did I get invested


Quinn is literally just me.


I want to play this so badly but i don't want to get too into it only for the author to never make an update TvT


RIP Author, hope you come back


Really hope author's okay <3

(1 edit) (+16)

Ah damn. I have fell into the trap of unfinished wip yet once again 😭


Press f to pay respect.


Still no update? sad

Yeah I don't think there gonna finish it



Thanks for correcting my grammar



Alright, here I come with the cold water.

This is dead, the author has not made any comment here, on Discord, or Tumblr for more than a year, the author was supposed to come back in january 2023, they didnt.

If you believe yourself naive enough to believe the author will return one day, have fun being disapointed.


i hope theyre okay :((((( idk whats going on in their life but if they were taking a break and supposed to be back by jan 2023 and still didnt, i just hope things arent too bad and they get better for them 

(1 edit)

Hey, I'm unsure if this game is I dunno, Closed??? But I dont see any button to play, I've clicked on literally everything. Is it not available for mobile?

Anyway besides that, RIVENNNN <333 name is too close to raven and I love ravens so riven will be my favorite prob

Update pleaseeee


Ive been coming back to this, every five months WAITING just HOPING a new update is out 🧍

I need my mans khari 😭


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one still obsessed with this WIP


Shame the Author is not active. Numbers and SaS are the best, Twine has better stories than COG imo


One of the best IF/WIPS I've ever seen, its definitely leagues apart all the other supernatural detective stories I've ever read. 7 Well written ROs, amazing dialogue, great characters, the MC does feel a bit weak and the mystery part should be better but every thing that happened was definitely exciting despite not being an action story. Never a boring moment in this story. If only Wayhaven could be this good lol


This one was one of my favorites, such an in-depth IF. I hope the author comes back to it someday, until then I'll keep an eye for updates, for sure.
I hope you're fine, author!


I assume that this is dead :sob:


Has this been abandoned?


Just looking at you makes me thirsty, Detective.”
How to Fill a Cup With Water : 4 Steps - Instructables

here you go


as soon as I saw the water-

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