Update soon!

Chapter 2 is finished and is undergoing Beta Testing, so stay tuned everyone! 

what can you expect in Chapter 2:

  • choosing a nickname for the Main Character
  • discovering few secrets about the 7 secondary characters
  • bonus scenes depending on the MC's relationship with the characters
  • (optional) flirting and (not optional) threats~
  • Sage being Sage
  • brief Roan vs Sage and Khari x Morgan crumbs
  • Riven vs Sasha
  • a strange-ass nightmare
  • view into the detective's past and what's going on in Deadwood


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Gonna re-read the story after the update <3


OMG!!! this is the best news! 🖤 


So excited!! Will the chapters be coming out monthly?


The game is updated whenever I have the time, it takes me around 2-3 months to write and code a chapter, and have it beta tested