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end of chapter 2. update can't come fast enough. i cant wait to see more of morgan!


I know the blog says they’ll start working on the game again in January, but I can’t wait 😭😭 this is just too good and I need more. However- this game is awesome! Can’t wait for an update and thank you so much for allowing us to get these two chapters ❤️


Sage is kinda hot 😳 and Riven is my birthday twin lol
also I like how the heart options can be platonic too, and not just flirting. sometimes the flirt option has the thing I want to respond with but I don't want to flirt with the character. so yeah anyways this is a really cool game 👍 I wonder what happened to the giant cat at the start


Is this on hiatus?


Yeah until next year I think


Gosh. I kept on replaying this IF. Riven is my favourite by far, and I'm dying for Riven to remember their memories with MC. 

I went and checked your Tumblr. I will patiently wait for your release next year! Do get lots of rest, Lin. 

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I really like the tone you made with this story. :)

Really enjoyed this! Looking forward for more. I'm also really fascinated by the bit that some ROs could possibly be your enemies and how different the dynamics would be. Really curious if Sage has more shadier intentions that would put you at odds with others for example. 


is this on hiatus?

i loved this, thank you, i really enjoyed reading this :)))

Ah, thank you so much for your wonderful work! It was very interesting to read (≧◡≦)

Can't wait for more!

cant wait for the next update omg I'm addicted

ok bro, writer, person, pks pls give us more. We need mOREEeee ur so talented -. _.-

This is absolutely beautiful! I've had a blast playing so far, and can't wait to see where this game will go.


No words 

Just applause

Can't wait for more ;_;


(minor/very vague spoilers in here) FOAMING AT THE MOUTH your writing has me in an absolute chokehold. the characters, the intrigue, the suspense, you've created such a strong and distinct atmosphere with this! even with my little bit of meta knowledge and guesswork, i feel like I'm right there with the MC in how little i know about what's going on in their world––and the bit in chapter two with the choice of dream? a major "this action will have consequences" moment, i picked my favorite animal but i read through all of them before progressing and boy howdy was there a lot to unpack in there. i definitely want to replay this a few times already, to see what different routes look like bc they all feel so thorough and well-thought out!! spectacular game, take care of yourself, i can't wait for chapter 3 whenever you are ready with it :))


oooOOO i love this so far


dude im just trying to hook up with  khari im not trying to get killed here


I'm in love with this game 


I like it!


i adore this game, i love it so much and i cant wait for chapter 3, do you have a rough idea on how long it will take, no rushing it just gives me something to look forward too! this game is so captivating and well writen keep it up! <3

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Another fantastic update, I read it out here if you're interested!

I love how this story is developing, especially with the new dynamics developing between the detective and the other LIs, particularly Sage. Everything seems to be unfolding around us despite us being so deeply a part of it. Can't wait for the next one!

I know chapter 2 just came out,  but do you have any rough easements of when chapter 3 will be released.  I'm extremely eager to read more of this especially since you left it on such an thrilling cliffhanger.     

I'm rlly confused, how do u play?

You have to go to the website version of to play, you cant use the app.

im on the website version

Do you not see the box that says run game at the top of the page


What computer and browser are you on

not in the game but i can run it, im just not sure where to go from there

you can start the game but you cant choose any of the options is that what you are saying?


Damn, the character interactions are top tier... and the mystery?! I'm hooked already. I don't usually read detective fiction, but I'm very glad I gave this a try. Your writing flows so nicely, I don't find myself skipping over anything, which is rare for me. I also love how much replay value there is, because each of the ROs feel distinct from the others, with their own appeal. In other words, they seem like real people :))

One question, would it be possible for you to add an option for MCs to be trans and only have had surgery, no HRT? (I picked the 'feels neutral about their body' option and also selected top surgery scars, but I don't think that's flagged my MC as trans)

I'm beyond excited for what happens next !!!


👀 Really loving this so far! I'm excited to read more.


This ended right before the exciting part comes! >.< will eagerly await for your next chapter :D

Also, while I like how other authors wrote detailed environments/sceneries in their stories, I love how you prioritize the interactions between the characters more. Your style is straightforward and not too verbose, which makes everything that happened in your stories easier to remember and digest, and memorable too!

Love everything so far! Honestly can't wait what happens next!


Aaah I'm so glad you enjoy the story and my style--personally I enjoy focusing more on the internal struggles of the characters, dialogues and actions, so I'm really happy you like that about my work <3


love your work once again! quick random question though, do you happen to know the word count so far? it's just a hobby of mine to collect word counts of my fav literary works


the current word count stands on 62,657 words! 


This is captivating. The mystery is engaging and the relationship screen with the description of the characters' point of view is a great way to portray it instead of a percentage bar! It makes the story more immersive, and the characters are very different from each other, as well as very charismatic in their own ways.

Such a fascinating plot, and the OSTs make the scenes even more immersive. (And that's coming from me, who don't usually like sounds during my reading, but in this case, the melodies were a perfect match with the environment.)

I'll definitely keep an eye in this story, and I'm waiting for the third chapter. :)


Thank you, I can't describe how happy your comment made me <3 


Omg I LOVE this so much. The Chapter two was so good keep it up!! <33

thank you! <3

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