You are Four. You do not remember your name — everyone just calls you “Four” and nothing else. You don’t remember anything about your life before you woke up in a dark cell. All you know, is that you’ve done something terrible and you’ve been given a chance to atone — along with three other so-called ‘monsters.’ Your goal? To do anything the higher ups tell you to — or face the consequences. Supposedly, you’re all using your ‘evil’ talents to do ‘good.’ Your talent? You can see another person’s memories by touching them. The catch? You’re closer to death every time you do that.

You’ve worked together with this group for years, yet you remember nothing about your colleagues. Zero — the leader of your little group — always looks at you with so much pain it seems tangible. One — the wildcard — seems to hate every single thing you do, and Three — the brains — is especially bitter when it comes to you. Five — the heart — seems to avoid you, for an unknown reason.  And Two? No one mentions Two, but you can feel that something horrible has happened to them. The question is, what?


  • Customise your MC; gender, appearance, abilities, weapon of choice, expertise, and more.
  • Gender selectable ROs; all of which can be in a polyamorous relationship
  • Enter your villain OR anti-hero era; destroy the government, or two.
  • Use your powers for good; or evil, because who needs morals with friends like these?


Zero | The Martyr | The Team Leader

Caring yet ruthless leader of your team. Why do they look at you with so much pain? What were you two to each other?

One | The Wildcard | Explosives Expert

Unpredictable and abrasive explosives expert. They hate you with every inch of their being. Why? What have you done?

Three | The Philosopher | Strategist

Analytical and cold strategist. The sight of you alone makes them grimace with bitterness. What did you forget?

Five | The Lover | Tech Support

An almost gentle, quiet technology expert. Every time you're near, they seem to just blend into the background. Have you hurt them in the past?

The Numbers Game will be a +18 game (rated M) for:

Abuse (mental, emotional, verbal, physical), Alcohol, Alcoholism (mentioned, implied, referenced), Blood, Bones, Car accidents, Child abuse (mentioned, implied, referenced), Corpses, Death/dying, Decapitation, Domestic abuse—physical, verbal, emotional (mentioned, implied, referenced), Drug use (mentioned, implied, referenced), Explosives, Forced captivity, Graphic content, Guns and gun violence, Hostages and hostage situations, Kidnapping, Knives, Mature language, Mental health issues (PTSD, depression, sensory overloads, and many more), Murder and attempted murder, Needles, Poisoning, Police brutality, Scars, Self-harm, Serious injury, Smoking, Suicidal thoughts, Terrorism, Torture, Trauma, Unhealthy coping mechanisms, Unhealthy relationships, Violence, Vomit


StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsCrime, LGBT, Mental Health, Mystery, Romance, Superpowers, suspense, villains, Violent

Development log


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Anyone be willing to clarify something for me? This is second story I've seen that uses 'trimmed' as a hair length.  Any Idea what is meant by that?  I tried looking it up but all I could find is what I already know it as.  An action or result of cutting back 'any length' of hair by a few inches.  Is it meant to be like buzzcut or cropped which seems be missing from the list?


omg, does this mean i can romance ALL of them ???


love it already! eagerly waiting for more♥️♥️♥️


Okay so, i have been with this game in my mind for WEEKS. REALLY GOOOD i really want to know what happened and what will happen! everybody already talked about it but i cant afford not to: THE CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION IS SO GOOD as a trans person with a vice on sweets I really got happy when i saw the options, same with the sensorial things, that is so cool??? i never saw that in games!! What we have so far is really good and im really looking foward to seeing more!


must read


i just completed the first chapter and i wanna know what happens


I just wanted to thank you for including "sweets" as a potential vice, never seen that before. :)


So I read this bc I enjoyed Sinners and Saints. First of all, the character creation is AMAZING, I wish all IF was like that. I really appreciated the attention to detail! As for the story itself, your writing is high quality, and the premise and characters are interesting

However, reading abt involuntary hospitalisation or similar isn't for me

I do want to emphasise that you're one of my favourite IF writers I've been lucky enough to stumble across :D


👀 love the 1st chapter, can't wait to read more


the character creation is so extensive it's insane omg. i'd give this a five star rating for customization alone. like, not even just appearance wise but covering so many options for trans ppl for example? i was pleasantly surprised to see all the things available! and also the things that your character can't handle, i.e. eye contact or loud noises? i need more of that in interactive fiction!! the concept is also so interesting i am extremely excited for what's next,  you've got me hooked already aaaa


zero my beloved.. im already loving this aaa


.... where is two👀

Will there be more Numbers? I want more Numbers to number up.


can't wait for the update! ^^


hopefully the update will be released some time in August!

and i'll be here for it : D




How do you save? I love this so far :) when do you think chapter 2 will be released?


Hopefully you've found it by now, but if you look at the top, on the left, there's a button with a down arrow. That's the save menu.


I see there is a choice of game reference haha.
Three has nice tastes.


Of course they do ;)





this is pretty interesting so far! loving everything about it. keep up the good work! 

thank you! <3


Looking awesome!!

thank you!


Can't wait to see the follow up! Looking forward to your updates!



come to think of it, the numbers introduced so far really remind me of some of my fav characters! zero: norman (tpn), one: bakugou (mha), three: satan(om!), five: near (dn). which absolutely makes me love it even more! <3


jeez Lin, i haven't even started the game but the intro & character options are SO intricate and well done!!! i love picking out every little detail, you've outdone yourself! seriously, i came here from sinners and saints but this pleasantly surprised me!

come on, all this praise is gonna make me blush <3 thank you!


Oh wOW this drew me in so quickly! I’m thrilled that I was asked about eye contact and loud noises, I can’t wait to see how that’ll be used. I’m honestly really impressed by the amount of customization there is. Each character is very individualized too and, while I’ll have a hard time remembering who’s who (yay cheat sheet in description), they’re all unique and I’m excited to get to know them. 

can’t wait for the next chapter!


I'm glad you enjoy the game so far! <3


Me when One punches Four: Is this love?



Amazing so far!! cant wait for the next chapter already eeeee 

(2 edits) (+3)

Oof ok. My review on this update is going to be super freakin long. I'll post it under this comment so anyone who wants to read it can. Anyways. I loved it! I'm so curious now. And so excited! And I still very much dislike One! Can't wait for the next update!

(2 edits) (+5)

Many new things to take from this. If you haven't played yet, spoilers ahead. I highly recommend playing the game before reading this. Anyways, here are my thoughts on "The Numbers Game" so far. This is gonna be super long so if you care enough to read pls bear with me.  This is just my personal opinion so no one come at me for it.

We start the game right off with character customization which might I add is wonderfully extensive. The customization not only addresses pronouns, gender, and every physical aspect of the characters appearance, but also disabilities and mental triggers as well. That's very cool. I decided to go for a more timid main character on my first play through and you can really see how the customization affects your MC's actions.  For example, if you choose "tendency to fidget" during the customization process, your character will show signs of a preference for complete use of their hands as well as a need for something to do with them during stressful situations. I look forward to seeing how other aspects of your MC's personality and quirks will play into the story.  Now for my opinions on each of the characters so far. Zero is probably my favorite right now only because they treat your MC with so much kindness. The MC is clearly suffering from amnesia, and they take that into account when interacting with you. Not to mention I'm a sucker for the soft leader types. Even when you choose to keep your past relationship with Zero platonic, it's obvious they care about you a lot and I look forward to seeing what exactly happened between them and the MC.  I don't like One for obvious reasons. Knocking someone out while they're in the middle of a panic attack is...not ideal. To say the least. They seem like a wild little punk though, so I have a feeling they'll win me over really soon lol. We haven't really seen enough of the other characters yet for me to make any real opinion on them. Three seems cold and sarcastic which will definitely make for some hilarious dialogue in the future. And I haven't quite figured out Five yet. How they act seems to almost directly contradict how the games description portrays them. But its only chapter one so I suppose anything could happen. I like the fact that we didn't see every aspect of each character in the first chapter. That leaves you looking forward to finding out more in the next one. Plus, the alternative would have felt really rushed and forced which you obviously don't want from a storytelling perspective. To put it simply, this way makes the characters more interesting. The Boss is another character that was introduced and right from the get-go he's terrifying. He's cold and imposing and treats you more like an object than a person. MC shows very clear signs of emotional trauma the second they see him despite having no memory, and that only intrigues me further. What the heck did this man do to you? Overall, I am very satisfied with how this story is written. The only critique I have so far is the slightly unrealistic pacifistic nature of the MC.  I understand not wanting to give the main character the option to engage in violence (writing fight scenes can be a real pain and not everyone has an affinity for them) but I still don't like how the situation with One was handled.  It feels like we brushed off what they did to us waaay too easily. I understand not giving the mc the capability to intentionally hurt the cast, but I feel like that becomes a problem when the cast can very much intentionally hurt you. There's just a very concerning lack of self-defense options there. I just hope that in the future we can address that somehow, because if not it leaves a pretty big hole in One's development as a character (and their development with you if you choose that route). Again though, its only chapter one so anything could happen. Anyways that's all I have to offer. Overall, 4.5/5 stars. This game has so much potential already and I cant wait to see where it goes from here. So excited for the next update!


This is so amazing! The story is so unique & gripping, the way you set the scene, the feeling, the MCs inner monologue & characters are so great. I really cannot wait for more! 🖤 

aaaa thank you! <3


oh this is PERFECT I'm in love 😍😍

thank you!


This has a really interesting premise so far, I look forward to seeing what happens next

Thank you!! <3


So exciting to see how this game turns out! Just wonder, do you know when you think it'll be released and if we're gonna be able to download it? If so, will it be downloadable for mac? (Fingers crossed!) 

I can definitely make it available for download once it's all released! <3

Yay! Can't wait. :)


I can't run the game, It's said no valid storage adapters found T T


This is really good! im excited for the full game!



(1 edit) (+1)

This seems like it's gonna be really good! :) Keep up the good work!! <3


thank you! <3


Can't wait for the next update to come out so I can hopefully punch that guy right back. :)


hi, there will be no options to intentionally hurt anyone in the cast!


but why not? If someone punched me they should expect one back honestly


Simply because I am not going to make this an option at any point in the game. I do not feel comfortable making an option like this, and I'd appreciate if you'd respect that. 


Okay I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound aggressive I was more so curious about it, but if you aren't comfortable with it that's fine!


Thank you for understanding!


I love the customization and the setting!! Can't wait for more to come!


this seems so good so far and as a trans person i absolutely love the customization! Keep up the good work as i cannot wait to see how the story unfolds in future updates!

this means a lot to me, thank you <3


The customization is amazing! I am so hooked on this story, can't wait for the next update! :D

aah thank you! <3

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